About Monty

Monty has an innate understanding and insight which ensures we deliver strategic sales and traffic driving coverage across all media platforms. Our methods are ever evolving and our approach to the craft of communications is unique.

Offering so much more than just PR, our approach provides the brands that we represent with an unparalleled, 360 service = we call this MontyCom. Whether you’re a new company wanting to launch into the market or an established brand in need of a fresh look and direction, we have the ideas, the expertise and the influence to help.

With over 20 years of experience in luxury and beauty brand-building, Monty’s founder Krishna Montgomery has honed her considerable skills in the ultra-competitive and continually changing retail and beauty industries and now also consults at board level for some of the most successful beauty brands across the globe. Testimony to this, Monty has established a reputation for not only winning and successfully representing brands but retaining them by always being one step ahead of the rest of the market.

Central to the MontyCom approach is the team’s innovative, tailor-made strategies; strong relationships with high-profile print and digital media outlets, including key influencers and unprecedented connections with retailers and industry experts across the globe.

We are known for our ability to nurture and support brands. With Monty you can expect the feel of an in-house team, but the resources and accountability of a full-service agency.


Emerging brands:
Launching into the competitive health and beauty market can be incredibly daunting. Having launched Ameliorate, Lixir Skin, Bliss, Soap & Glory, Soaper Duper and Beauty Pie, Monty is well-versed in taking new brands into the global market. From guidance on product and branding to connecting you with retailers and strategising your social media presence, we’ve got every base covered.

Established brands:
With the landscape constantly changing, staying relevant can be tough. Whether you need a complete overhaul or want a fresh approach to a specific project, Monty can offer a bespoke plan to keep your brand at the forefront of journalists, influencers and ultimately consumers’ minds.

Press Office:
Traditional media feature and product placement, strategy, global toolkits, strategy, events, creative mailers.

Content, community management, strategy, social listening, influencer outreach, campaign management.

Art direction, copywriting, ideation, marketing concepts and strategy.

Every brand needs a purpose and we can help craft and define this. Being aware of our impact on the planet must always be taken into consideration – from packaging, ingredients and charitable give back.