The Josh Wood Colour System

Authentic, expert and inspirational, the Josh Wood Colour system offers a new and salon-inspired approach to home hair colour that is set to refine the industry and give every woman the hair colour she deserves.

The range boasts an impressive 11-product line up and with shades from Darkest Brown to Lightest Blonde, guaranteed to help you conquer your dream colour. The entire range has been created to allow for easy home use without the sacrifice of a perfect colour finish.

Josh Wood Colour also have created a unique online experience for inspiration and education including how-to videos and personalised recommendations according to your hair type.


Permanent Colour, £10

Your kit comes in colours which are numbered- currently covering shades 2.0 – 9.0 with half numbers to ensure a natural-looking shade match colour. Not only do they cover 100% of greys, it’s been formulated to nourish, whilst giving a perfect colour finish.


Root Concealers:

Blending Brush, £15

The blending brush can be used on dry or damp hair and allows you to confidently conceal greys in one stroke. Dry into hair to seal pigment, leaving grey concealed for up to 3 washes. It’s available in three shades; Darker Brown, Lighter Brown and Darker Blonde.

Root Smudger, £12

Artfully disguise heavy root regrowth, the circle sponge tip concealer is inspired by expert colourist techniques, this comes in three shades; Darker Brown, Lighter Brown and Darker Blonde

Root Marker, £8

A genius colour pigment crayon for colouring away any stray greys on the go. The Root Marker will quickly become your handbag essential for picture perfect locks.

Colour Tinted Dry Shampoo, £10

Refresh and revive your hair with the dry shampoo spray. It adds volume and covers roots in an instant.


Colour Care:

Created for different hair types each of the shampoo and conditioner duos include Josh’s unique colour care complex containing quinoa extract, green walnut and advanced UV filters.

For brunettes; Colour Radiating Shampoo & Conditioner or the Colour Renewing Shampoo & Conditioner, £10 each

The brunette shampoos and conditioners include anti-oxidants saffron and turmeric. The Radiating Shampoo and Conditioner is for fine brunette hair. This duo was created to add volume and leave hair feeling clean, soft, radiant and lustrous.  Or, hydrate your hair with the Renewing Shampoo and Conditioner designed for brunette hair that’s prone to frizz to leaving it feeling smooth, radiant and velvety-soft.

For Blondes, the Shade Refreshing Shampoo & Conditioner or Uplifting Shampoo & Conditioner, £10 each

If you have fine blonde hair then the Shade Refreshing products have been specially created to add volume for soft, light and glossy hair. The Uplifting Shampoo and Conditioner, created for hair prone to frizz will leave blonde hair feeling nourishing and gleaming smooth. Both formulas include the anti-tarnishing Kakadu plum.

Everything Mask, £15

The colour locking, fade-slowing, hair-glossing, multi-tasking, deep-conditioning treatment for every hair colour and type. The must have mask has been created by Josh to boost shine and prevent fade. Use on freshly coloured hair to lock in colour pigment for longer, thereafter, use once or twice a week as a deep conditioning treatment.

Shade Shot, £5

The expert colourists biggest secret: a boost of colour to warm up or cool down your chosen shade and counteract any unwanted fade. It’s available in four shades; Warm Me Up, Cool Me Down for brunettes and Give Me Sun and Keep Me Cool for blondes.

Available nationwide from Boots and

Posted by Rebecca Thompson
on February 16, 2018