Introducing: Mr. Natty

Mr.Natty- master barber and grooming brand to royals, ragtales and ruffians. Launched in 2011 with only a beard oil and hair product, Mr. Natty is a male grooming brand the man who appreciates authenticity, originality and humour in his daily grooming regime.

Created by Matt Raine and Matt Brooke, who believed there was something missing from their bathroom cabinets, so decided to do something about it- starting with a The Famous beard oil. The line-up now features over 25 different products, from skin care to skincare and beard care to body care that always tries to be as natural as possible. Here’s five of our faves:

·         Bring me sunshine beard elixir, £9.50

This 100% natural beard oil has a summery scent whilst keeping your beard both moisturised and conditioned.

·         Save Ya own skin moisturising butter, £14

Packed full of hydrating Shea butter, olive oil and beeswax, this nourishing balm keeps skin moisturised and can help relive any itching or nicks post shave.

·         Rosemary & Cypress Shampoo, £10

Work a drop of this revitalising shampoo everyday through the scalp and hair to clean and add shine. It’s heavenly scented and for all hair types.

·         Sky Rocket Comb, £17

Handcrafted in Switzerland this comb is a grooming essential. A sophisticated 100% natural tortoise shell comb that neatly slides through hair.

·         Wax Hair Preparation, £16.50

An all-time Natty classic with a citrus scent. This wax gives serious gloss for a true rocker style.


For the complete Mr.Natty range: Prices range from £5 -£25

Posted by Monty PR
on October 6, 2017